Review: Robert Irvine’s Public House – Las Vegas, NV

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 Gluttony, refined.

As a fan of the food network since what seems like forever ago (my favorite shows as a kid were Iron Chef, Essence of Emeril, Molto Mario, etc.), Robert Irvine was an undeniable influence to my love of food and food culture. His show Dinner: Impossible secured the idea that cooking for the masses doesn’t have to sacrifice the quality of the dishes. Now that I think of it, all of his shows were based on helping people, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when he spent hours in his restaurant speaking with his guests and doing everything he could to make their time memorable. I was able to talk to him about the burger I just had; I forgot to tell the waiter to hold the tomato, but when it arrived the tomato looked so beautifully fresh and red that I left it on there and it was amazing, not to mentioned it was served with a side of cheese fondue (OMG!). After our brief conversation, he insisted that he buy me a pizza and had his head chef come out to introduce himself and show me the pizza oven they imported from Italy. Out of all the celebrity chef restaurants I’ve been too, I had never seen the actually celebrity there let alone be treated like this.  It was a truly special moment. Thank you Robert!

As far as the food goes, refined gluttony is the best way to describe it. Robert Irvine’s Public House’s menu is filled with British and American comfort food treats that are just maxed out with goodness. The pizza was expertly proportioned with a drizzle of pesto that sent it to outer space. We actually went back there for lunch the next day and had the pastrami Rachel and lobster roll, which definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m just so happy when a chef takes each ingredient into consideration when putting together a dish and takes an extra measure to make it special. I can confirm that when compared to his on screen persona, Robert Irvine definitely practices what he preaches and that couldn’t be more refreshing.

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