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The Treehouse Restaurant sign in Nashville, TN

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The first time my wife and I strolled around the five points of East Nashville, we were drawn to this funky looking patio with a wood fortress nestled in a tree. Sure enough, it was home to an upscale tapas bistro named simply “The Treehouse”. After speaking with the hostess, we were informed that there was actually a private hideaway table at the top of the fort available for reservation. We immediately put this on our wishlist, and here we are roughly four months after moving here.

the tree house at The Treehouse Restaurant

Surrounded by dive bars and casual eateries, The Treehouse offers a variety of small plates all showcasing fresh ingredients from their own farm just 50 miles West. As a proud carnivore, I’m reluctant to admit that my favorite dishes had zero meat, or anything resembling it for that matter. I’m glad I asked the waitress for recommendations because I would never have ordered them. They were the local lettuces and grilled broccoli. The lettuce mix lacked any bitterness what-so-ever, the dressing was ever so subtle, and the crunchy bits (I think they were roasted bits of sunflower seeds) really just brought a depth to each bite. The broccoli dish also featured conflicting textures with the soft boiled egg in the middle coating the fermented broccoli and the crisp wheat elevating the bite.

local lettuces from The Treehouse in Nashville, TN

grilled broccoli from The Treehouse in Nashville, TN

As I continued through the menu, all the dishes carried the same theme of using unusual items to compliment a star. I had the whole roasted baby beets which included coppa on the bottom. I really don’t like the natural flavor of beets, but the cured pork hiding underneath helped me really enjoy the plate. There was also this pistachio sauce that tagged teamed with the meat to transform the strong beet flavor. I finished off with the duck ragout and rib-eye witch were just fine, but the superstars of the evening were surely the veggies. The steak was awesomely buttery in texture and the ragout was comforting. The steak was perfectly cooked, I just didn’t need the sauce that came with it. All the dishes had so many flavors going on that it would have been nice to enjoy some rib-eye and salt.

rib-eye dish from The Treehouse in Nashville, TN

duck ragout form The Treehouse in Nashville, TN

Overall, the tree house in “The Treehouse” was quite the experience, I don’t think I will ever see anything like it. So if you are visiting Nashville (which you should!), first hit me up to hang out, then I highly recommend reserving the private room at this restaurant. The night will give you that nostalgia we all crave, while at the same providing your taste buds and stomach with some farm to table magic.

For prices, full menu, and reservations visit The Treehouse Restaurant’s official website.

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We would love to know any awesome experiences you have had here or your favorite menu items, leave a comment below!

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