Review: The Crying Wolf – Nashville, TN

Dire Wolf burger, Mexican sliders, and chili tots from The Crying Wolf in Nashville, TN

Yes that’s Del Scorcho…oh, and the beef is ground in-house.

When driving through East Nashville, you really can’t miss the massive mural of a wolf head soaring through the night sky toward a spear-wielding tribesman and a lonely, slightly more plump wolf who just loves his PBR. It seems to be a common theme in East Nashville to have a quality bar and inspiring food both in the same place, and, since 2013, The Crying Wolf is no exception. You’re welcomed with oddities, torn wallpaper, a jukebox with a political agenda, PBR on draft, and live music on occasion. My wife was really drawn to the vibe; their make-a-friend attitude really makes you feel comforted, then the food comes and the scale goes to 11.

With the owners being from California, it was really cool to notice Del Taco packets served with the Mexican sliders we ordered. It wasn’t necessary for the dish as the seasoning on the patty was great all on its own, but a neat touch to make you feel like they care. They really made a nice simple slider with crispy iceberg lettuce pop for me, and that was the running theme throughout the meal. Simple but special. The homemade chili on the tots was balanced and thick, it just felt good. More importantly the tots stayed crispy and hot which was great outside on a brisk night.

The Dire Wolf burger was just incredible. I stay away from blue cheese burgers usually because I worry about the quantity, it’s not like a slice where I can expect a certain amount. Under-cheesed burgers are a crime in my law book. However in this case, it was a chili night (no pun intended) and a spicy burger sounded great so I went out on a limb trusting my friendly bartender Kyle’s recommendation. The blue cheese successfully cut through the heat of the peppers and tangy siracha mayo. The star though was the fresh ground burger. The large patty was beautifully charred and a deep pink in the middle. The cylindrical shape as opposed to more of a saucer actually held the toppings really well, which is one of those things you don’t think about but when done right makes a huge difference.

I easily recommend The Crying Wolf to anyone passing through or living close by. The balance of atmosphere, people, and food makes it very much a hot spot in one of the coolest towns in the country. “We just want to make you happy and make you a drink while you make a friend,” as they say, but make sure to grab a burger too!

Find the full menu, prices, and calendar of events at The Crying Wolf’s website

mural on The Crying Wolf in Nashville, TN

inside The Crying Wolf in Nashville, TN

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