Review: Mas Tacos Por Favor – Nashville, TN

Mas Tacos - Review: Mas Tacos Por Favor - Nashville, TN

Started from the bottom, now we here.

With humble beginnings in a 1974 Winnebago, Mas Tacos Por Favor has become an East Nashville staple for handmade Mexican goodness. They were slanging gourmet tacos out of a truck well before it was the cool thing to do. That seems to be the case with East Nashville in general. The area just oozes coolness, and continues to reinvent what that means. For example, there is a record store down the street that has a petting zoo and puts on regular backyard community concerts or movie nights. If that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is.

I actually had zero knowledge of this place prior to visiting, I was just in the area looking for lunch and the pharmacy burger across the street was too long of a wait for my growling stomach. So I popped into Mas Tacos and immediately knew I made a great decision. The decor was magnificently tacky. From the multi-colored Christmas lights and streamers to the chain link patio and rod iron barred windows, I could tell the place didn’t take itself too seriously and was all about the food.

The menu was focused with just six taco options, elote (Mexican street corn), and a couple soup options. However, each offering was carefully curated which is exactly what I look for. This isn’t the cheesecake factory with a 10-page menu filled with sub-par, uninteresting dishes. I ordered 3 tacos: carnitas (of course), fried avocado, and their Cuban style ground beef along with some horchata. First up naturally was the horchata which seriously blew me away with its cinnamon over the sweetness. The fried avocado and carnitas tacos each had their own handmade yogurt topping that really made it pop for me, while the beef set itself apart with its habanero based seasoning. All the tacos were cradled by a nicely charred, yellow corn tortilla. Overall, the tacos felt extremely new and refreshingly unique. For a guy that eats more than I’d like to admit, it’s nice to have a place that offers a twist.

If your curious about the other items on the menu, Guy Fieri had some words to say about the pozoli verde soup and holiday tamale during his visit. Feel free to check it out: Food Network Review

fried avocado tacos from Mas Tacos Por Favor in East Nashvilleinside Mas Tacos Por Favor in East Nashville

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