Review: Los Primos Carniceria – Franklin, TN

o 7 - Review: Los Primos Carniceria - Franklin, TN

Leave your bbq at home, you’re not in Tennessee anymore.

As a native Californian, Mexican food is my blood. Los Primos Carniceria unapologetically brings Mexico to an affluent suburb of Nashville. Hidden in a run-of-the-mill shopping center adjacent to a Kroger’s, you won’t find this place unless you know what you are looking for. Since the day I moved here, that was exactly what I wanted to find. I was so refreshed when I walked in to see chicharrones, Mexican bread, and a BIG POT OF CARNITAS bubbling in the back. After countless uninspired restaurants, I finally found my haven.

Every single offering at the Taqueria screams authenticity from the fresh corn tortillas, rotisserie chicken, vibrant salsa, and homemade horchata. Even with all of this, the carnitas is the star. Displayed prominently in the open kitchen, the giant pot of pork shoulder delivers the goods fresh all day. If carnitas is not your thing, Los Primos will serve up some prime carne asada or rotisserie chicken to make your tummy happy. For salsa, they offer the basics and do them right: the verde is delightfully mild and tangy, the roja is fierce and complex, the avocado sauce is pleasantly creamy but still spicy, and the pico de gallo has the perfect tomato/jalepeno ratio. Words cannot describe how insanely happy I am to have found this gem.

My mission is for all of Nashville to get on board so I don’t have to leave every other wannabe restaurant sad for their patrons that just don’t know any better. Even the uninspired restaurants in California are miles away from how bad some of these Tennessee places are, and it needs to stop. With the influx of migrants, I’m hopeful for the revolution I so much desire. Until then, you can find me at Los Primos pretending to speak Spanish.

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