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canned goods from Lockeland Table in Nashville

Community focused fine dining without the fine-ancial burden.

Cheesy, I know, though Lockeland Table is quite the opposite. It’s a real, honest restaurant, with an honest chef, that honestly just want to bring refined eats to the neighborhood. There’s no wonder that this Classic Southern eatery, nestled on Woodland and 16th in flourishing Lockeland Springs, has been the talk of the town since opening its doors in 2012. Owners Chef Hal Holden-Bache and Cara Graham are a dream team, and after developing their working relationship at Eastland Cafe they both have a huge commitment to excellence. The atmosphere is super relaxed while still keeping its class, so wear whatever you want. I promise they’ll make you feel right at home whether you dress down or up.

Eager to eat, we drove to the restaurant before the time we thought they opened their doors to find that they have a community hour that starts just before dinner service. We were able to enjoy discounted cocktails and an array of $6 appetizers as a warm up to our dinner duel. The community hour menu is completely different than the dinner menu, so this really gives you a chance to taste the range of Chef Hal. I can tell the offerings are carefully selected to leave room for dinner appetizers and entrees. Also, if you love coffee like I do, they have a massive french press you can buy for $6 with enough jet fuel to carry you through the whole sitting.

bone marrow from Lockeland Table in East Nashville

pork loin from Lockeland Table in East Nashville

For dinner, we started off with the North Carolina crispy pork belly and the smoked certified Hereford bone marrow. The pork belly took the same approach as a pork chop with applesauce combining sweet and savory, however the pork belly gave it the gluttony you would expect from the South. For the bone marrow, it was my first time, and ’twas love at first bite. I’m not sure if Lockeland Table does it better than everyone else, but if you have a local restaurant that serves it, I urge you to get off your butt and go now. It’s basically the best fatty parts of a rib-eye that you can spoon onto a piece of toast for bite after bite of heaven. I could easy go back and just order like 10 of these with some drinks and conversations, and call it a day. The entree we chose was the grilled 12 ounce Cheshire Farms (NC) bone-in pork loin. I usually don’t go for pork dishes as an entree, but after that bone marrow, my beef palate was completely satisfied; I wanted to venture out. I was not disappointed. The typography of the loin resembled that of a prime steak with the fat being beautifully distributed throughout, and, with no surprise, Chef Hal’s cavalry made sure it was cooked to perfection. Alongside the meat was Lockeland Table’s version of good ol’ southern classics. The soft texture of the Tennessee smoked cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese and collard greens was flared up with some crispy corn nuts sprinkled on top.

I left the restaurant entirely satisfied and ended up paying way less than I expected. The substance and quality you get for the price makes Lockeland Table a true hero for the average East Nashvillian.

For prices, full menu, and reservations visit Lockland Table’s official website.

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