Review: Acme Feed and Seed – Nashville, TN

rooftop dining at Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville, TN

Convenience meets pleasure in the Broadway shuffle.

Every time I see the big Acme Feed and Seed mural while making a left on Broadway from 1st street, I can’t help but to think of the Looney Tunes always trying to blow each other up. Now, while this Acme doesn’t have any hidden explosives in their basement, the food and entertainment that this place offers is dynamite. In 1943, this building was more closely related to what its name suggests, a haven for farming supplies. Now, its a multiplex of high times and thoughtful cuisine. Even though the 1st floor acts as a honky tonk like the rest of Broadway, on my many visits I’ve noticed that the musical acts usually are playing some form of jazz or blues which is a refreshing retreat from the top 40 bands you find everywhere else. The 2nd floor does a about-face giving life to an upscale sushi restuarant bringing mostly classic choices and a few originals like the Narita and Two Brothers rolls but all made with Acme’s clear attention to detail.

!st floor of Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville, TN

sushi rolls from Acme Feed and Seen in Nashville, TN

There is one reason why this is my go to spot for Sunday funday brunch, convenience. I can’t count how many times I’ve travelled out of town to find that all the best brunch locales obligate a 2 hour or more wait. I just can’t be bothered with this when I only have a few days to explore. The design to pick up your food downstairs and bring it up to the roof works perfectly. I can easily have my party go up and grab a table, they text me what they want, and I can sit and check out the band while I wait for my food. If being served is what you crave, then you may feel like your missing out a bit but Acme more than makes up for it with the quality of food and rooftop vibes overlooking the Cumberland River. Also, there’s a full bar upstairs, so once you start eating, there’s no need to go back down until you’re ready to leave. I can’t stress enough how comforting it is to know that I can show up any time on Sunday and have a beautiful view with amazing food to share with my friends.

The food definitely is special, especially for somewhere like Broadway which is a stomping ground for sub-par food. The menu is tight with a pleasant mix of southern classics, international cuisine, and Acme twists. I really enjoy the ribs, the smokey aroma is inescapable and the texture is always buttery soft with a mild rub perfect for the robust bbq sauce served on the side. My go to sides are the mac and cheese, natural cut fries, and jalepeno corn-muffins. It’s definitely a hearty meal which will keep you full as you traverse the beautiful city. Another notable mention is the Hatchery, which is a melting pot of flavor. The curry is beautifully incorporated into the already complex coconut rice and cashews with the silky egg yolk bringing it all together. Definitely a prize dish everyone should try. Everything that Acme’s kitchen does is just plain good, so take your friends downtown and plan out your day with a birds-eye view.

For other menu items, prices, and operating hours check out their website here.

the Hatchery dish from Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville, TN

Heaven-Lee ribs from Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville, TN



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