Review: 3 Crow Bar – Nashville, TN

3 crow bar in Nashville, TN

Everything you could ever want out of a dive bar…plus food

Even before I moved to Nashville, I regularly found myself ending up at 3 Crow Bar for it’s spacious layout, massive windows, strong pours, and vintage music videos (I can sit and watch music videos all day!). In literally the center of five points East Nashville, this place is a prime example of what this area has become. East Nashville was a much different place 10 years ago and I really feel that our generation really made it into one of the coolest places in the country. Starting in 2004, 3 Crow Bar is an original in this emerging scene and they haven’t changed a bit. This IS a smoking establishment which can turn off a lot of people, but in my eyes there are enough places out there that don’t allow smoking. Even if its not your thing, there’s something you appreciate about a place that has a vision and chooses to pursue that despite the cost. As a lover of western cinema, it takes me back to a different era, and I just can’t get that anywhere else.

So following my many pilgrimages to this watering hole, I was having a conversation with a friend about where else to eat around Nashville worth noting, and he said 3 Crow. I exclaimed, “they serve food at 3 Crow…and good food none-the-less!?” I couldn’t believe it. So here I am writing this review, and if you haven’t noticed already, I only write reviews for places that I feel have something special to offer. I’m not here to be a negative Nancy all over the internet.

I covered the menu pretty well, getting an understanding of their unique ingredients. Several of the dishes featured some kind of alcohol infused items. My favorite is the bourbon marinated beef tenderloin. You can add it to pretty much anything, it’s cut into nicely sized chunks and the bourbon sits in the back while the natural steak flavor does most of the legwork. I really enjoyed it in their spin on a quesadilla. The tortilla was fried a little different than you would find at a Mexican place which is a nice change, and the sauteed peppers give it a southern flair. The Yazoo Dos Perros (local Tennessee beer) marinated buffalo wings were also a hit. They were meaty, packed with flavor, and crispy on the surface.

For prices, full menu, and event calendar visit the 3 Crow Bar official website.

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We would love to know any awesome experiences you have had here or your favorite menu items, leave a comment below!

buffalo wings at 3 Crow Bar in Nashville, TN

beef tenderloin quesadilla from 3 Crow Bar in Nashville, TN


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