Best Foods For Those Long Video Game Sessions

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Tips for surviving and enjoying even the longest play session

Following the annual Extra Life event, which is a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, I started to ponder what kinds of foods or snacks would be perfect for gaming. As many of my circle of friends know or if you follow me on Twitter (@lord_carnitas), I am an avid gamer and have a deep love for the people in and around the industry. So this seems to be a great way that Lord Carnitas can contribute our services to all you gamers out there, we love you!

As I’ve gotten older over the years, play sessions take a little bit more effort to coordinate around adulting. Typically, I find myself booking out 5-8 hours at a time to dedicate to gaming as opposed to more frequent shorter sessions. Also, in order to maximize my time I need food that is convenient, sustainable, easy to eat, and most of all tastes great. Sustainability is really important to me, I’m kind of a stickler for food temperature. Something like a burger would be not sustainable to me, meaning that I need to eat it right away otherwise the meat gets cold and I can’t reheat it because the bun and veggies need to stay cold, I’m screwed. With that being said, prime food for gaming is something that can be eaten warm or cold, I can’t waste my precious time reheating things while I’m in the middle of a killstreak. So let’s explore:

pepperoni pizza1. Pizza

The king of party food. More than a century old, this precious pie is an obvious choice. Just a phone call away, you can have a stoned gentleman serve you a box of goodness. Pizza offers a well rounded meal with vegetables, dairy, meat, and bread which you can easily eat hot or cold. You have several different types to choose from and a seemingly unlimited amount of toppings. For the fast food style I usually lean towards Pizza Hut for their greasy pan crust, Domino’s for their garlic flavored crust, or Papa John’s for that garlic sauce making anything taste good. If your feeling adventurous, there are usually some great artisan pizza makers in your area specializing in New York style, Chicago style, or what I like to call baseball team party style. Baseball team party style refers to those places with the arcade machines, big screen tv’s, and a million screaming kids running around. Usually the mozzarella is packed on thick with an equal amount of sauce that takes forever to cool down and by the time it cools, the grease takes over.

Whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Pizza is often correlated to sex, even bad sex is still pretty good.

7-layer dips and chips

2. Chips and Dip

This is another obvious one that offers so many possibilities. I’m really not a big fan of all those pre-flavored potato chips out there, it’s much more satisfying to grab some dip, or even make your own. I stay away from ranch dip or really any mayonnaise based dip because as it gets to room temperature, I just get wierded out. Something about the egg based sauce just makes me weary when it sits out for an extended period of time. I feel the same way about nacho cheese dip, any type of American style cheese just doesn’t taste any good when it’s cold. In my opinion, the best dips for gaming are 7-layer Mexican dip, guacamole (make sure to regularly squirt lemon juice to keep from oxidizing, and spinach dip (my personal recipe, not that cheese and artichoke one which is great but not cold). 7-layer dip is probably the perfect one here. It’s so we’ll rounded and really just gets better as it naturally warms up. If your not familiar with this, it’s refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, and olives. So go try it. My personal spinach dip contains frozen chopped spinach, sour cream, mayonnaise, vegetable soup mix, and water chestnuts. Feel free to email me if you need more information to make it yourself.

charcuterie and cheese board

3. Charcuterie and Cheese

Meat and cheese is just the shit and probably the most sustainable of the group. Careful though, eating too much can put you out of commission before you know it. This has happened to me at one too many parties. The Italian varieties of meats like salami or prosciutto are my go to, while for cheese I can really do anything although some I can eat more than others. For example, cheddar and Jack cheeses can easily make me sluggish after a few handfuls so I prefer the lighter ones like goat cheese or brie. Salty, multigrain crackers are a great addition to this as well.

chocolate covered coffee beans

4. Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans (or anything really)

This may seem like an odd one to you, but hear me out. Caffine is one of the most important tools for an all night session, so why not eat some, especially as dessert. Neither heavy nor incredibly sweet, you can easily munch on these guys for hours. It will also balance out all the other savory food you take in and cleanse your palate to go for another round. These little crack balls are always in my pantry ready to go. Chocolate covered raisins are bomb as well.

fruit bowl

5. Fruit

Nature’s candy. This will definitely round out your evening of adventuring, slaughtering and puzzle solving. I usually go for the refreshing types like strawberries, pinapple, mango, and watermelon. I have a little system that helps me eat more party food. In a cycle I move from savory to sweet to refreshing and then back to savory. The water in fruit keeps you hydrated and ready for more. Also, there is this Mexican spice stuff, Taking, that is just abnormally good. It works great for mango, pineapple, and watermelon; not so much strawberry. Actually, now that I think of it, I know this stupid good recipe for strawberries. Whipped cream, tiny bit of sour cream, and brown sugar. You’ll thank me later!

Welp! That’s all I got for you. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other awesome ideas to keep you gaming for hours. Thanks for reading!




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