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Who is Lord Carnitas

Well that's me...and Jared (Carnitas). I'm JT (the Lord), and between us two, we have a never ending thirst for adventure, culture, music, and of course FOOD. We can't get enough of it, and there seems to be no shortage, so we'll definitely have enough content for you all. Shortly before Lord Carnitas went live, I moved down south to Nashville, TN with my even more adventurous wife all the way from Los Angeles, CA.  It was an incredible drive with so many beautiful experiences. If you haven't done the cross-country road trip yet, you gotta pack your bags and get in that ride. My wife Tara is great with the camera, so most of the one's we end up using come from her.

Jared is my best friend and fellow lover of Carnitas. lives in Long Beach, CA with his boyfriend, which means we will be able to bring you all the eats from both coasts. Always on the prowl, he never stops searching for restaurants that can offer something unique. He truly turns up the heat and makes all of our experiences 10/10. Pretty much every time I visit him he's always got a new spot for us to hit up.  

Our mission is to bring you the best eats from all over so when you go on vacation, you won't have to worry about wasting your meal on one of those uninspired tourist traps. We give it to you straight and make sure never to steer you wrong, and we're really good at finding some spot in the cut. If Lord Carnitas gives it a thumbs up, you better go!